Greetings, and welcome to my public presence.

About Me

I've got a passion for learning, and can-do attitude, with a bit of a taste for chaos. This has served me well in the realm of digital advertising, where traditional media meets often meets new ideas head-on (as in a full-frontal collision). I am at home when dealing with unexpected events, knowing when to draw the line between "ship it now" and "fix it later" when people refuse to care about the things that they should.

My professional work and hobbies often intermingle, allowing me to bring a wide range of skills into an organization. Building software in my spare time often allows me to create tools or processes that improve efficiency at work while proving to be a catalyst for learning about new tools and techniques that may be used in future iterations.

About This Site

This is primarily an experiment involving the use of Google Sites and Amazon Web Services Route 53. With luck, it will grow into a meaningful hub showcasing research and experiments with web technologies and cloud computing.