I always enjoy poking away at various tools and technologies, as it gives me the chance to learn something new and play with the trending buzzwords. At any given time, there's always a pool of in-progress projects, vapourware, and half-baked ideas sitting in text files and scrawled on various sheets of paper. These are collected here for amusement or inspiration.

Active Projects

These are projects that I am currently working on. Source code is generally shared on Google Code or GitHub.
  • LLBoy - Nintendo® GameBoy™ emulator using LLVM to incrementally output and optimize instructions for the native architecture. Micro ops that mutate the emulated system state are written in C and are compiled with Clang to LLVM Bitcode objects for future loading and link-time optimization. (on GitHub)

Planned Projects

Projects earlier in the design and conceptual phases.
  • Point'n'Click Multitouch Data Glove - A gestural input device that allows a user to precisely interact with a display by simply pointing at it. The planned implementation uses existing multitouch techniques with simple object tracking by means of a rudimentary laser pointer and a webcam, with button clicks transmitted between a pair of XBees.

Project Ideas

Random thoughts pertaining to things that would be interesting or useful to implement. Feel free to pick one up if it seems interesting!
  • Amazon Route 53 GUI - Lightweight tool for viewing and manipulating DNS information
  • ddclient for Route 53 - A client-side addon for ddclient, or a server that speaks dyndns2 protocol and pushes updates to Route 53

Inactive Projects

Projects that have been shelved for possible revival. Revive one yourself if you're interested!
  • JMeter SSH sampler - Sampler plugin allowing execution of commands over an SSH connection. Useful for monitoring *nix systems without setting up an entire Tomcat instance.
  • TSeNG - Selenium-based testing framework with a focus on ease of setup.
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